How much does a staircase renovation cost?

We at First Step Designs continue to share our prices from real quotations and orders. We promise fair prices all year round without the use of sales and further discounts, we are a very competitive company and offer a full price matching service! See below some of our recent quotations and designs from our always happy customers.

Oak and Glass Staircase Renovation

Mrs Lattimore recently bought a new home with such potential, she planned the perfect home from a new kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and living area… all that remained was the staircase. Her dated ranch style staircase had been installed in the home for many years and featured such a beautiful landing gallery that needed to be brought back to life… First Step Designs were on hand to create the perfect staircase renovation. Our renovations cause minimal damage to the existing interior and the staircase can be used the entire time during our installation, causing no disruption to your day at all.

Mrs Lattimore chose to go with an Oak and Glass staircase renovation, which is our most popular type of staircase renovation. Featuring glass brackets with a brushed steel finish that would compliment her fittings and electrical fixtures around the landing and entrance hall. Mrs Lattimore didn’t want to overpower the space with too much oak, so we made a design compromise and mixed a white finish to the inner and wall string (sides of the staircase) capped with oak for a beautiful framing feature. This covers the union between the staircase and the wall, all the while breaking up the difference in painted finishes.

The landing has undergone a major transformation, what was once a dark interior with an old stained timber, we now have glorious toughened glass balustrades. We fitted all new solid Oak posts throughout the installation with matching hand and base rails to hold the glass in place, finishing by cladding the well opening to frame the entire staircase with American white oak.

Our designer Adam designed and surveyed the staircase, then 4 weeks later our team came to site. The renovation took 3 days to complete with our team of two experienced craftsmen, signed off by Mrs Lattimore right away and her 10 year warranty began. This full renovation was sold for the competitive price of:


Contemporary Oak Staircase renovation

Mr and Mrs Felton recieved sales visits from the majoirty of competitors and had an online quote from First Step Designs. They were intrigued by our process and decided they wanted to meet their designer in person to discuss the renovation and quotation.

Upon the visit our capable designer was able to explain the renovation from a technical and aesthetic point of view to ensure the Felton family were 100% happy with the specialised staircase renovation service that we offer. In addition to this our designers come to visit you with CGI visuals (as below) to show what the staircase will look after the renovation, this gives our clients a peace of mind that the design suits their taste. This is a service that no other Staircase renovation company offer! 

The Felton’s were torn between a contemporary Oak spindle or a glass staircase. We created the perfect compromise… both! Using our beautiful twisted oak balustrade on the rake of the staircase and a glass balustrade to open up the large gallery landing. Additionally we agreed to clad all the strings (sides of the staircase), this will give the illustion of a solid oak staircase! Once the carpet has been put back down it will be impossible to tell that the original staircase is only a softwood flight!

For a final finishing feature, we even added a feature bullnose step, this creates the perfect transition between the original dark timber flooring to the light American White Oak finish. We offer an anti slip finish on all of our treads at no additional cost for safety reasons.

Except for the treads and risers being clad throughout the staircase, this is what we know as a full renovation. Full replacement posts, new hand and baserails, bespoke balustrade options, full string cladding and a new feature bullnose step.

Our designer Tom went to meet the Feltons with drawings, samples and a the quotation did not change from the initial inquiry. The job will take three days to complete and is being installed mid January.

This full renovation was sold for the competitive price of: