A Glass Staircase Renovation

Making a statement staircase has never been easier! First Step Designs can perform a perfect staircase renovation and refurbish every aspect of your staircase with minimal (if any) redecoration required following the installation. No matter what type of staircase you have in your home, First Step can offer a range of solutions, whether it is a particular type of material you are looking for, a new staircase or just open to ideas of what can be done… Get in touch!

This case study shares the journey that Mr and Mrs Davies took with us from start to completion, following the ultimate service in staircase design.

Glass Staircase Transformation

We see all shapes and styles of staircase, 8/10 are usually based upon newel posts system with a old fashioned style of balustrade, these are perfect to renovate with a glass balustrade to lighten up the space and make your home look so much larger. The moment we remove your old balustrade, you will be amazed at the difference it makes, even before we finish the work!

Staircase Renovation made easy

Every member of our design team is a partner in the company… we care so much about delivering the perfect experience for all projects, no matter what the size or order value. Before the consultation we are able to quote each project online, saving the clients sitting through a two hour presentation we can do this with a ten minute conversation. This helps us keep our costs competitive and give you pressure free browsing time. Click here to get your own free quotation!

We are more than happy to come visit you for a coffee and consultation though! Upon our consultations we will present images similar to the ones below, these were the exact images that our designer put together for Mr and Mrs Davies of her Staircase Renovation. These visuals then allow our clients to be 100% sure that the design we have agreed is right for them. If not, we can redesign and go back to the drawing board!

We even supply a copy of the CAD model from our drawings, these are fully interactive like the window below. Understanding your staircase has never been easier!

Oak and Glass Staircase

Mr and Mrs Davies chose our most popular design, in short this is to make the staircase appear like a new solid oak staircase with glass balustrades. Unless a staircase expert you cannot tell the difference between our new build and staircase renovations, we finish both in the same fashion to keep our range consistent and all customers extremely happy 🙂

We can offer replacement or clad newel posts, we much prefer to replace posts as its a more desired finish and we can ensure the fixing is perfect (with our 10 year guarantee). There are a variety of designs to choose from and upon consultation you can choose which style suits you best.

The sides of the staircase that are known at the ‘strings’ can be left white to match some other finishes in your home, but the majority of our clients prefer these to be clad with 6mm oak veneer. This is the only part of our renovations that is not solid timber! The string lining allows the staircase to look like solid oak, once the carpet has been relaid, making it a much sought after addition to any renovation.

New Oak Steps

Mr and Mrs Davies chose to replace their first step with an Oak bullnose, due to the bespoke shape of these, they cannot be clad. So we manufacture new bullnose steps to suit, allowing us to cover any flooring defects and ensure the finish is perfect. We also finish with an anti slip lacquer for safety (optional). If your existing staircase does not have any feature treads, do not worry! We can add these to the majority of staircases as long as you have the space.

The final finish is of course the glass balustrade. All styles of glass are toughened and polished to perfection and fully comply with current British Safety Standards. Choose from a range of glass staircase styles such as Clear, Low Iron, Etched, cracked, smoked etc…

This particular installation took two and a half days with a two man team. We always allow more time than needed just to ensure that the installation goes perfect and each client is thrilled with the final outcome…. and obviously leaves us a glowing review 🙂

We follow the same process for all of our inquiries and orders:

  1. Free online quotation
  2. Design consultation and presentation of drawings
  3. Survey the same day as the consultation (if the order is placed)
  4. Drawings and installation plans sent to clients
  5. Installation Date confirmed
  6. Complete installation usually complete within 48 hours
  7. 10 year warranty on completion.

This particular project was priced at


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