Curved glass staircase (part 1)

Many old staircases over the UK would have been built on site by a builder or on site joiner. Many of these flights are curved with traditional balustrades crafted by hand, with the modern trend of glass staircases taking the UK by storm, First Step Designs are now offering curved glass staircase balustrades on renovations Nationwide, a service that our competitors do not offer!

Mr Gull contacted First Step Designs after being turned away by many of our competitors due to the complexity of a curved glass staircase.  Our designers are experts at creating bespoke solutions for both new staircases and staircase renovations alike, so without the need of a digital survey we were able to accept the work of a curved glass staircase balustrade! We used our perfect designer service that starts in us receiving photos of the existing staircase, see below.


Glass Staircase, a trend setter

We proceeding to quote and create drawings in our perfect method of approach, using photos of the existing staircase to gain not only an accurate quotation but also a drawing and interactive CAD model of the glass staircase renovation. Due to a recent case study Mr Gull had read, it became clear he wanted the exact same style of staircase renovation as one of our previous happy clients Mr Roper (click here to see the case study).

When we paint our timber products to a selected RAL colour* we only use the finest materials, for our painted products we use a hardwood called Tulipwood, we do not deal in softwood finishes. This is then sprayed and finished to perfection in our spray shop to a beautiful and hard-wearing standard. When using colours such as a graphite grey it is quite dark and over powering so it is important not to overuse in an open interior. We decided to replace all the balustrade with our graphite Tulipwood but keep the sides of the staircase (known as the strings) white for a perfect contrast finish. Additionally the white of the strings now matches the walls for a consistent end product.

Computer Aided Manufacture

At First Step Designs we are part of a huge manufacturing facility with the some of the latest and greatest technology in computer aided manufacture. Instead of buying components in from other companies, we design, plan and manufacture all bespoke components ourselves. We are able to replicate the existing curve of the staircase to the chosen handrail pattern and use the same CAD data to manufacture our curved glass. Making the glass staircase complete to a substantially accurate standard.




When renovating a curved string staircase, as long as you have the existing balustrade still in place or to hand there is no need for an on site digital survey! Do you have a section of your staircase that is curved and you do not understand how to renovate it? Give us a call today to discuss some options. Even better, upload some pictures like Mr Gull and Mr Roper did to receive a quotation and visual for no extra charge!

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Stay tuned to see images of Mr Gull’s compelte staircase

* The RAL system is the most popular Central European Colour Standard used today. We are able to match any paint colour you would like, providing you have a valid RAL number. Should you require assistance with this your designer will be happy to help.