A Bright Idea for a Brick Balustrade

A large number of homes in the UK are fitted with a standard brickwork or stud balustrade. Besides their outdated appearance they can block natural light from flowing through the two levels of the home, darkening the staircase and hallway. Mr & Mrs Roper contacted First Step Designs expecting a staircase renovation to cost a fortune, but were pleasantly surprised with our quote.

Visualising a New Balustrade

In this case the Roper family have what you would call a diminishing handrail; that is a handrail that continues into the ceiling. It can be quite difficult to imagine how this type of renovation will look, so it was important for the Ropers to choose a staircase company who were able to produce a visual alongside their quote, before they committed to buying. First Step Designs are able to do this on the same day in order to ensure full understanding of our product.

Brick Balustrade Staircase

The next step was for one of our designers to visit the property, show samples of our products and answer any questions about the renovation process. After looking at our range of timber and style options from the comfort of their own home the Ropers chose a toughened glass balustrade with a painted wood finish. Tulipwood is an ideal hardwood to use for painting due to its fine grain, giving a smooth finish. When painting our timber products we are able to produce any colour to a valid RAL number*, so you know exactly how your staircase will look. Ideal if you want to match a feature wall or piece of furniture.

The Finished Staircase

We are often able to complete transformations without any touch up or redecoration work required by our clients. In this instance the Ropers would have been left with bare brickwork on show, so we capped this using the same style of timber and finish as their new balustrade. Just one example of our installation team going the extra mile to ensure happy clients!

Renovated Staircase Balustrade

Glass Staircase Balustrade

For our more technical readers, you will notice that the landing features a bespoke cut piece of toughened glass. It would have been easier to split this run into three pieces of glass but our unique design gives a perfect equal run of balustrade. Our designers love creating solutions for difficult renovations and are qualified to do this on initial consultation.

Glass Landing Balustrade

Balustrade Renovation

Not only does the end product bring a modern look to the interior but natural light is now able to flow through from the first floor, brightening the entrance hall and giving the illusion of more space.

Do you have a dark hallway that could be transformed with a staircase renovation? Give us a call today to discuss some options. Even better, upload some pictures like the Ropers did and receive a quote and visual at no charge.

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* The RAL system is the most popular Central European Colour Standard used today. We are able to match any paint colour you would like, providing you have a valid RAL number. Should you require assistance with this your designer will be happy to help.