‘Brace’ new Metal and Glass Staircase

Metal and Wood staircases

Here at First Step Designs we can manufacture almost any staircase and love to take on new challenges that some clients present to us. But our new metal staircase range is becoming one of our most popular products. Due to properties of steel we are able to create magnificent designs without the need of structural work! When we merge metal for the structural aspect of the staircase with the warmth of real wood we have a winning combination!

Metal Staircase Designs

The Grocott family came to us with an an idea of having a staircase with no structural posts to the ground and wanted to ensure that the half landing appeared as it was floating. We would not use wood for this kind of staircase as we would not be happy with the fixing compared to what we can achieve from metal. From here we were able to use 10mm mild steel to create a frame to the staircase, where the half landing became the key structural point of the staircase!

In order for these styles to work we do require a block wall or load bearing wall. Stud walls are not enough to support these styles.

As always we completed a CAD visual of the staircase following our consultation and survey to ensure the customer was 100% happy with the final design. We are able to show a variety of finishes for our clients, this helps to understand the colour schemes in the home and to plan other aspects of the home to compliment the staircase. All included in our free design and consultation visits!

We can manufacture using a large variety of woods, our most popular choices are Oak, Walnut, Beech and Sapele. But we can finish these materials with a custom stain in order to compliment your flooring, doors, walls etc… Upon a consultation we can present all of these samples alongside visuals like above to ensure you make the perfect choice for the  largest piece of furniture in your home.

We will always provide an interactive 3D model of your staircase once your designer has finished the drawings for manufacture. This shows to a perfect scale the exact finish of your staircase for you to give us the final thumbs up to head into production.

With First Step Designs, you always have a peace of mind knowing that your chosen design is perfect for your home. This is why the majority of our clients go on to be advocates of First Step Designs.

All components are fully finished and assembled before heading to your home, this includes 1000 hour salt spray testing of steels and chosen powder coat finish of all metal components. All of our glass is toughened and has a kite mark with a reference so you know the date and time that your balustrade was toughened. All our designs comply with current British Safety Standards.

Your choice of timber is finished with 4 coats of two pack lacquer to ensure a perfect and hard wearing finish. We also add an anti slip finish to the treads of the staircase, so even if you are wearing smooth socks… there is no need to worry about slipping on our staircases! You cannot tell the finish is there until you touch the actual wood, it looks great and finishes fantastic.

When installing new staircases, it is important to plan the installation perfectly. If you are renovating a large section of your home, or completing a new build project entirely, timing is everything! All of our staircases are finished to perfection before we arrive on site, so when we install the last thing that you want is other trades using this finished piece of furniture as a way to get up and downstairs!

It is important to get the process started so we can advise what must be complete before we are willing to install. The last thing we want to see, is a beautiful design ruined!

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