An Open Staircase Renovation

Renovating staircases is our speciality, it is an ideal way to get that new staircase finish without any structural work and very little (if any) touching up  required.  Every staircase is unique to each property, so our solutions are not ‘off the shelf’,  we are fully bespoke. Open staircase renovations are particularly unique as there are many options to choose from, this case study shows the amazing transformation that Mr and Mrs Lattimore’s open staircase experienced.

Open Staircase Renovation

Once upon a time the classic ranch style staircase was the most popular design on the market, we have renovated so many of these over the years that it is second nature to us now! Mrs Lattimore wanted an Oak and Glass finish to her staircase, without wanting to cause the damage that occurs when removing the full staircase, additionally she wished to keep the staircase open to allow maximum light from the huge gallery landing.

Free design service

As we do not employ salesmen, our designers will first give you a quotation over the phone or by email, for pressure free browsing time. Following this, the same designer will come to visit you with design visuals like these shown. Our designer Adam, worked with the client to understand her tastes and style of interior that was hoping to be achieved. Our free design service allows you to see the finished product so you are 100% happy with the design!

We even supply an interactive CAD model so you can see the finished product from any angle that you would like! click on the model below to learn more about this renovation.

Oak and Glass Staircase Renovation

Our installations begin by fitting the solid Oak newel posts throughout the staircase, these are a key element to the structure. We complete this task first so there is no point during the installation that you will not be able to use the staircase, no need to camp downstairs for the evening of the installation 🙂

We decided to keep the insides of the strings (sides of the staircase) white painted for a contrast finish, we then capped this with Oak for a framed design. Using a contrast between materials is a simple yet effective way to make a statement with a staircase design. We then created a white finish around the half landing too, to give the illusion of a continuous staircase string, this is how modern staircases are manufactured and dismisses the idea of an awkward string-skirting union.

We design glass balustrades in  several different styles such as clear, etched, low iron, grey, bronze, cracked effect, illustrated artwork and more! Our best seller is the low iron or clear glass, very minimal and best for illuminating a space. We can then fix the glass either on steel brackets like Mrs Lattimore chose, or we can fit it within the hand and base rail so no fixings can be seen! All styles of glass are toughened and polished to perfection and fully comply with current British Safety Standards. (More options are available on our new staircase range)

Upon consultation you will be able to fully personalise your staircase. This includes a variety of styles for the newel posts, caps, handrails, brackets, glass and a wide range of finishes/materials/stains, everything is manufactured to your taste! Our designers are true staircase specialists with an eye for interiors and will guide you to a perfect staircase.

This particular installation took 3 days to complete with our talented two man team and Mrs lattimore could not be more thrilled with the finished product! Once the carpet was fitted and the remainder of the house decorated, you would never know that it was the same staircase. Within 3 days the heart of their home was brought back to life.

We follow the same process for all of our inquiries and orders:

  1. Free online quotation
  2. Design consultation and presentation of drawings
  3. Survey the same day as the consultation (if the order is placed)
  4. Drawings and installation plans sent to clients
  5. Installation Date confirmed
  6. Complete installation usually complete within 48 hours
  7. 10 year warranty on completion.

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