A Typical Staircase Renovation

Our qualified designers here at First Step Designs Ltd, followed our flawless process for a recent client Mrs Cartwright to ensure a perfect outcome. Our process creates a pressure free browsing experience with no salesmen and no hidden terms and conditions. This article share the process of Mrs Cartwright’s everyday Staircase Renovation.

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We start all of our projects by the client using our online ‘request a quote’ feature or a typical phone call/email and send us a variety of photos of their existing staircase. Once we receive these images your assigned designer will contact you to decide upon an appropriate design and specification to assure you are fully happy with your quotation.

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Once we have analysed your existing staircase and the style of renovation you are looking for, we can use our specialist CAD software to draw up the design and prepare a quotation bespoke to you. This was the case with Mrs Cartwright, she was set on having a glass balustrade with no fixings or fittings on display, so our embedded glass option was a clear choice. Additionally she wanted outer clad as her existing staircase featured.

Due to the home being recently decorated Mrs Cartwright did not want to have a plasterer or decorator back in so soon. Because of this she decided to have her existing posts clad with our 15mm engineered Oak, choosing this option ensures that no damage will occur to the existing décor. Additionally cladding create large looking posts for a grand balustrade feature


24 hours after initial contact with Mrs Cartwright, the assigned designer created 3D CGI visuals to show exactly what the staircase would look like after the First Step Designs fitting team completed their work. This gave Mrs Cartwright the opportunity to see exactly what she was looking to purchase before signing up for a staircase renovation. No other company in the UK takes this approach to staircase renovation.

This gave Mrs Cartwright pressure free browsing time, she was able to discuss the price and design with her husband and not rush into anything she was not 100% certain of. This particular staircase renovation quotation was £2,780+VAT




The renovation took just over 1 day to complete fully and the customer could not have been happier with the end result, the fitting team kept her updated with every aspect of the job and she left a review on her job completion statement:

“The fitter and the work they have carried our is excellent for start to finish. His work was completed to a very high standard and I would recommend First Step Designs Ltd to anyone” Mrs Cartwright June 2015

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