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Our clients are now beginning to realise that a staircase renovation is just as important as redesigning a bedroom or kitchen. A staircase is used and viewed every day by whoever enters the home. Whether large or small, its crucially important that a piece of furniture to that size looks good! Mr and Mrs Hancock have this outstanding T shape staircase that is the first thing you see when entering the home… The existing staircase was fully boarded up with a dark rose wood style stain. A very dated finish and has not been touched since the staircase was fitted over 30 years ago. With the window placement on the landing of the T shape staircase, it was obvious what the solution should be…

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Even though this is a large scale staircase, the renovation is our bread and butter here at First Step Designs. We gave the customer the option of cladding the existing posts with our exclusive system that takes typical 90mm posts up to 110mm posts. Meaning no damage to the existing decor and you have larger looking posts that are usually a lot more expensive to buy! If you would prefer to completely replace the posts for engineered Oak this is also not a problem and can be done at the same cost!

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The difference a staircase renovation to this level can make to your home is eye opening. From a dark and dated feature staircase to a work of art, all completed in less than 3 days! A lot of customers prefer to have their staircase carpeted,  but this doesn’t mean we cant grasp the opportunity to create solid feature treads. We replaced the first two steps with engineered Oak feature steps, a large curtail and a bullnose. This just exaggerates the concept of a solid oak staircase and makes a more grand feature for you renovation.

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One of the key renovation tools to make a staircase look like solid oak is cladding the strings. The strings are the sides of staircase that house the treads and risers. The strings are an integral part of the structure, so when they are clad with our Oak veneer, it gives a solid oak staircase finish through and through. You would need to be an expert to realise its a renovation.

Some clients like to keep the wall string white as it sits on the same plane as the wall, which is potentially wall papered or painted a particular colour. Nowadays white walls are the current trend on the market, this is fitting for a staircase renovation as full Oak strings compliment white walls beautifully.

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To finish off the staircase renovation, the client wanted a clean looking staircase with minimal fittings and fixtures. Our embedded glass balustrade style was the clear choice here. Staircases have never looked so clean! With the position of that landing window, the light travels through into the entrance hall completely reinventing the space. What was originally an eyesaw of a staircase is now the main feature of the home that people envy!

This complete renovation can be complete within 3 days. This particular clients renovation was priced at:

£6,300 +VAT

Why not explore this renovation in 3D?

Click below to see more details and annotations.

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