From Plans to Perfection; a New Staircase

During a new build Mr Ward had left the staircase up to his builders. They installed a softwood and MDF staircase with the intention of fitting a standard softwood balustrade with spindles. At the time Mr Ward was unsure of what exactly he wanted from the staircases in his three story town house, he found the portfolio of First Step Designs and wanted some specialist help… Our designer Adam was on site within 24 hours to discuss his options, in order to change his standard staircase design into something much more special.

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Mr Ward had plans fully prepared and approved from his architects and the builders just followed them with the easiest and affordable solution possible. The layout of the new staircase is the only one really available without major re planning of the property. But the standard specification of the staircase the builder chose would not compliment the home, and ruins the potential this property has.  A brief was determined with the client and an outcome was decided. Our popular Oak and embedded glass option.


We performed a survey in order to understand the space we are working with and prepare the ideal design solution. Usually we can create drawings and visuals from only photos from the client, but Mr Ward wanted to meet us and see what we are capable of, we are more than happy to meet our clients in our office or at your home/property. On site we were able to produce a CAD drawing of what kind of design we can achieve.Untitled-243

The client was initially thinking of having lights put underneath the staircase the builder had put in place. But decided to cancel that idea and replace with natural light, by having the top staircase as one of our Open styles. Since there was a skylight at the top of the stairwell, this allowed the light to floor all the way down to the ground floor, opening up the space and bringing the entire interior to life. We are able to quote on the day of survey, Mr Ward wanted a little time to think about the contract. During this time Adam created some CGI visuals to show a realistic representation of what the staircase could look like.


The bottom flight was replaced like for like with a solid oak staircase, we sent our newel posts to the ground as the client wanted to build storage underneath to not waste any space within the house. The staircase is the first thing that is seen when entering the home, it is obvious that it needs to make a statement. Our solid oak staircase mixed with embedded glass balustrade creates a seamless finish of pure elegance and will become the envy of your neighborhood.


The upper flight changes to our Open model with no nosings, so we can give an illusion of a seriously thick tread, when really its just the sub riser for building regulations sake. This allows light to travel throughout the property and enables the staircase to be seen from all angles, exaggerating its solid oak finish. Plus with the addition of our skilled design service and outstanding fitters, we didn’t need to stack the posts on top of each other for support.

This is a method commonly used for an easy fit but ruins the final beauty of the staircase. Using our method allows the upper staircase to look like a floating flight.


To finish off the replacement staircase we floated our two top winder posts. Usually builder will stack these for extra support that makes it easier to install. Using our method allows the upper staircase to look like a floating flight.  We are confident in our product and our service and aim for the best finish possible.

This complete new build installation can be complete within 3-4 days. This particular clients renovation was priced at:

£13,500 +VAT

Why not explore this new build staircase  in 3D?

Click below to see more details and annotations.

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