A First Step Designs original. New Staircase ‘Tenon’ Model

We offer a few different finishes and timbers on both our renovations and new build staircases. But why does it need to be one or the other? Does every aspect of the staircase need to match or can we step outside of normality and mix materials for a more bespoke finish? Introducing our new staircase model:


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Tenon Model

Traditional joinery does not tend to hide joints and fixings. Some clients prefer products where no characteristics such as these, whereas others thrive for this level of joinery to be on display. Our ‘Tenon’ Staircase can feature an Open style where we have small risers (as shown above) or a closed staircase as standard. But the beauty of the design is the manufacture, we tenon the treads through the string, allowing the end grain from the tread to be on display.

Tenon Model2

End grain is a part of the timber that is usually hidden by other companies, but it is the feature that proves that the staircase is manufactured from solid timber. We recommend merging American White Oak with American Black Walnut when choosing our ‘Tenon’ model, this creates a beautiful contrast between the end grain of the oak against the face of the Black Walnut. This type of join hides all mechanical fixings but shows the tenon, giving a finish of a dry fitted staircase but its just as structural as all of our other new staircases.

Tenon Model3

The ‘Tenon’ flight is available in all one style of timber, or can be mixed up between American White Oak, American Black Walnut and custom painted Tulipwood. White painted Tulipwood can create a stunning effect if set in the correct interior. The Walnut and Oak mix works particularly well in a nautical styled home.

New staircase prices are difficult to give online as every design is fully bespoke, but a standard BWL and Oak ‘Tenon’ flight with glass balustrade is priced around:


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